11 Disney DIY Costumes That You Can Make With What You Have in Your Closet!

With Halloween and Disney Park Halloween parties on the horizon, you might be thinking about a fun costume to wear to these festive events! What better way to show off your love of Disney than to wear an easy DIY costume that shows off your Disney style and is so easy, you can probably pull it together in about 20 minutes? We’ve put together 11 Disney-inspired costumes and Disneybounds perfect for all the spooky fun you’re going to have this year.

You’re going to need a few basic elements for most of these costumes, and I bet you have some of them in your closet or can make them pretty easily, if you’re crafty. Those things are:

  • a black skirt or dress
  • a red skirt or dress
  • a green skirt or dress
  • a silver skirt or dress
  • a blue skirt or dress
  • a white skirt or dress

Lastly, you’ll need a few extra pieces, props, and hairpieces, in addition to your go-to makeup look, to represent each character. Most of these you might already have or can get pretty inexpensively. For ideas on how to put each character outfit together, keep reading!

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