11 Easy Outfit Ideas for When You're Bored of Everything You Own

What is it about easy outfit ideas that are just so hard to come by? Perhaps it’s when we get swayed by trends or simply have too many options in a bursting wardrobe to think clearly (see our ways to clear out a wardrobe if you’re really struggling on this point). Either way, we all have those days where nothing appears to work. So rather than get in a tizzy and find ourselves 45 minutes late for work (and still hating what we’ve chosen), our team has decided to compile a list of easy outfit ideas for us to all reference in the future—and we’d very much like to share them with you. They are the foolproof looks that work all spring and summer long, without being too much of a challenge or causing morning hysteria.

So the next time you’re entirely bored of your closet, just revisit the looks below and see what you’ve got to play with. Should your closet be lacking in a particular area and you’d like to remedy it, we’ve also found the perfect shopping options to re-create these influencer-approved outfits.

Style Notes: You know the kind of dresses you tend to only wear on vacation? Well, I’d suggest you follow Bettina‘s lead and wear one in the city with strappy heels and a bold pair of earrings.

Available in sizes IT35 to IT42.
Available in sizes 0 to 14.
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Style Notes: Overalls are probably tucked away in the back of your wardrobe, right? Try digging them out sometime and smartening them up like Tamu.

Style Notes: Celeste got the co-ord memo—these really are the easiest 30-second outfits to pull together, especially in a nice fabric like satin.

Style Notes: You can rewear a slip dress a thousand ways, but our favourite trick is to layer a white tee underneath, just like Charlotte did here.

Style Notes: The Breton-and-jeans combination never dies; it just changes a little now and then. Irina‘s updated combination with kitten-heel mules and a basket bag make for a very 2018 option.

Style Notes: The fastest way to dress down a minidress? Just add sneakers. See Erika Boldrin for a perfect example.

Style Notes: If sweet dresses and baring skin are not your vibe, then look to Jeanette‘s loose-fitting luxe separates for inspo. The evening-y shoes make all the difference here.

Style Notes: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy… Do you ever create an outfit we don’t love? This elegant blouse, jeans and tan accessorising is just perfection.

Style Notes: Just like the co-ords on Celeste above, there is something super easy about actually throwing on a summer suit like Maria here. Add simple shoes and a tee, and you’ll be set.

Style Notes: Get some extra wear out of your white jeans all season long by relying on the shirt-and-strappy-sandals formula like Marissa here.

Style Notes: If you’re looking for a laid-back outfit idea that still feels unique and quirky, try this white shirt and silky skirt out for size—you can thank Marta later.

Now that you know some easy outfit formulas, you’ll never be stuck again!

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