11 Ingenious Pampered Chef Products That Will Make Cooking So Much Easier

Admittedly, I barely know how to cook. When I successfully make a delicious meal without burning myself or the food, I consider it an enormous accomplishment and send a proud photo to my parents and post it to Instagram for all to see. One brand that has helped me hone my food skills significantly, however, is Pampered Chef.

The brand was founded in 1980 with the aim of making cooking easier and more enjoyable, and so far I’ve been super impressed by the products. Each item is designed with what seems to be every possible use and solution in mind. The line features pans with removable handles (for easy storage!) that are dishwasher safe and gadgets that help to solve every kitchen problem imaginable. Thanks to the brand, my learning process has gone smoothly and hasn’t resulted in any severe injuries yet.

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