13 Books to Help You Start Eating Keto – All Available on Amazon!

Whether you’re on the fence about trying keto or consider yourself a full-on veteran of the high-fat, low-carb lifestyle, you could probably stand to read up more on the controversial diet that’s been talked about seemingly everywhere.

While some studies have proven the advantages of going keto – among them, increased energy, healthier blood levels, and weight loss – not to mention, a plethora of personal success stories, we can’t blame you if you’re still hesitant to swap your beloved carbs for keto-friendly options. And if you’ve been into keto for some time, maybe you’re looking for recipes, memoirs, and additional inspiration and information.

Either way, we’ve put together a roundup of keto-centric books for you to check out (bonus: they’re all available on Amazon!). From cookbooks to research-backed reads to meal plans, browse through our picks, and get inspired to work toward a healthier you.

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