17 Stylish Laptop Bags to Carry to Work

Confession: Until a few months ago, I pretty much exclusively hauled around my MacBook Pro in those free canvas totes you pick up at events. Stylish laptop bags they were not, but after switching to a 15-inch screen, I suddenly found that all my “real” handbags were simply too small. Fortunately, I came to my senses and realized that as a digital fashion editor, I carry my laptop around often enough to justify a proper leather version.

Finally, I can fit all my stuff in one bag rather than constantly schlepping three around with me—and as an added bonus, my laptop feels more secure, and I feel like I have my sh*t together (well, most of the time).

Below, I’ve rounded up 17 work bags and backpacks with enough space to carry your laptop (just check the dimensions to make sure yours will fit). Gone are the days of the canvas tote, and trust me, I’m better for it.

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