2 Dogs and a Cat Knock on This Guy's Door, Barge in, Lock the Doors, and OMG, They've Taken Over

One of the life lessons my overprotective mother taught me was that if anyone you don’t know knocks on the door, absolutely do not answer. Evidently, Brooklyn-based editor John Paul Brammer didn’t get that memo, because when two huge dogs and a cat knocked – yes, knocked – on his apartment door this weekend, he not only opened it (albeit, very confused by the encounter) but also engaged in a series of comical events where the animals barged in, locked the doors, and set up shop. The entire thing played out like a slapstick comedy, and lucky for us, he documented every bizarre scenario on Twitter, because otherwise it would be almost too absurd to believe.

The entire run-in is much longer, but our favorite highlights are below. They’re definitely worth a read. One fan commented that the entire thread was a dose of “self-care.” We agree!

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