30 Vibrant Photos That Will Inspire You to Take a Trip to Morocco

If you’ve never considered traveling to Morocco, this photographer’s adventures will convince you otherwise. Raisa Zwart visited the North African country for a November wedding and captured her short trip. Before heading to Ourika, she spent a day and a half in Marrakech, which she described as “a place of contradictions: the crowded medina, the somewhat pushy guides, but also beautiful scenery, fairy-tale like alleys, and amazing food,” and added, “The colors and light there are just stunning.”

Raisa wandered around the medina of Marrakech – a medina is a historic quarter of a town – without any guides or direction. “It’s also so much fun to just see what happens and where you’ll end up,” she said.

The beautiful palaces in Marrakech are a must see, specifically Palais Badii and Palais Bahia. In contrast to the older part of Marrakech, the city includes modern sections that have a distinctly different feel – both of which are worth the visit. She also suggests checking out Ourika, which is very close to Marrakech and lies within the Atlas Mountain range. “I would highly recommend combining a visit to Marrakech with one to Ourika – it’s so beautiful and provides a nice, more quiet getaway from the city.”

To make the most of your Moroccan experience, Raisa says to stay at a riad – “These traditional B&B-like places are like quiet oases in the Medina” – and to try the delicious North African dish tajine and to visit botanical garden Jardin Majorelle.

See the amazing photos from her trip!

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