5 Quick Switches to Your Routine That'll Stop You From Skipping a Workout This Summer

If the idea of bikini season makes you want to hide back in the closet with your Winter coats, never fear. It’s time to shift your perspective on what role fitness plays in your life. This Summer, instead of focusing on calorie counting, the scale, and full-length mirrors, we’re focusing on self-love strength training.

“Body confidence and self-love are muscles – the more you work on them, the stronger they get,” said Caroline Jordan, a fitness and wellness guru and creator of the Strong Body Beautiful program. “There is no better time than right now – yep, right this very minute! – to get started on some serious body-love. I encourage you to practice your body love push-ups daily and build your body confidence strength.”

Switch up your fitness routine with a focus on feeling strong and having fun, and say hello to a routine you’ll love and never want to skip.

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