6 Exercises That'll Give You Sexy, Toned Legs You'll Want to Flaunt All Summer

Who wears short shorts? You should! We get it, many women fear that weights will make their legs bigger or bulky, leaving them looking more like Drax from Avengers: Infinity War than Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. This is simply not true. Using weights will shape your muscles, giving them the toned, sexy look you want when it’s time to rock tiny Summer shorts. Bottom line: if you want shapely legs in Summer’s hottest, shortest shorts, you must focus on the iron stacks. Diet and cardio burn fat and make you lean, but the weights are what shape your muscles and have everyone giving you the full top-to-bottom once-over stares.

To help you get the fastest results, we talked to Sarah Chadwell, NASM CPT, to gain insight on how to show some love to your lower body in the gym. She told POPSUGAR, “Strong, shapely legs take work from front to back. Many women focus on exercises that work their quads, but they neglect their hamstrings and calves. Make sure you use a wide variety of exercises that work every part of your legs for a great look from every angle!”

Here are six moves that Chadwell uses to train her legs on legs day.

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