6 Exercises You Need to Ease Your Pesky Back Pain

Back injuries can seem devastating. We literally put our backs into almost every type of work we do, especially at the gym. Though it may seem like you should stop working out when you have recurring back pain, it’s actually the best time to get moving. In fact, the number one prescribed fix for the old bad back is back-strengthening exercise. We sought out a personal trainer’s professional opinion on what exercises you should do. Sarah Chadwell, NASM CPT, helped us by advising us on exercises she uses with her clients who have bad backs.

“If you’ve experienced any type of back pain, sprain, or injury, it can literally feel like your fit lifestyle is over. However, with your doctor’s OK, you can rebuild your back strength and make a full recovery with back-to-basics exercises that you can do from home. Focus on doing bodyweight exercises that involve the big three: your abs, glutes, and lats (all which make up your core). Think of these large muscle groups as your back’s support system,” said Chadwell. Here are the top six exercises she recommends.

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