6 Little Things That Could Be Getting in the Way of Your Personal Happiness

Travel and sex have been proven to make people happier, but we often overlook the more obvious influences that can affect us as well. Many times, it’s the things we don’t think much about that have the biggest impact. So if you’re wondering why you aren’t quite as happy as you want to be, you may want to consider the six things below.

  1. Your friends: The people you surround yourself with have more influence on your daily mood and overall happiness than you’d expect. It’s important to have a strong tie to those who are positive and supportive and who can help foster a healthy social environment.
  2. How much you sleep: Not getting enough shuteye doesn’t only affect your physical health, but it’s proven to mess with your mood as well. Lack of sleep makes you cranky and restricts your ability to cope with emotions.
  3. Putting your dreams on the back burner: Setting your passions aside could result in an unfulfilled self, and therefore a less happier you. The best way to live a life with minimal regret is to actually take as many chances as you can to avoid the haunting “what if” question down the road. So don’t be afraid to go after what you want most!
  4. A bad attitude: Outlook is everything! It’s not as much what life throws at you that determines your happiness; it’s how you choose to handle it. Optimism can be powerful, so catch yourself when you notice any negative thoughts or emotions filling you up.
  5. Not having a stress outlet: It’s not healthy to internalize your frustrations until you’ve reached your boiling point. Instead, relieving stress regularly, whether it’s through fitness or a creative outlet, can help you release some of that built-up tension.
  6. Fear: Whether it’s fear of disappointing your family or fear of making a fool of yourself, fear has the ability to cripple you. By listening to that little voice in your head, you’re holding yourself back from new experiences, people, and opportunities that may very well open up the door to contentment.

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