9 Products You Need For Summer If You Have Oily Skin

Summer and oily skin will likely never be friends, but they can at least coexist in the same sweltering space for the next month and a half. While temps are still inching toward peak levels of lit, there’s plenty that you can do to help control the excess shine that will come with it.

Here’s the reality: if you have oily skin, it’s your season to put in a little extra work. Essentially, you’ll need to revamp your product lineup, add a few more steps to your routine, and – while it may sound like some kind of cruel and unusual punishment – try to stay out of the sun. It’ll help slow down oil production.

“Summer sun can tighten follicles and dry up oil glands but will also damage the follicle wall and clog the pores, resulting in congested skin that could potentially cause an acne breakout two to three weeks after the exposure,” says Laurel Windle, regional training manager of Dermalogica and International Dermal Institute.

Getting your oil under control is totally doable with the right steps. Read on to find out how to stop the slick.

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