Ashley Graham's 21 Sexiest Bikinigrams Deserve Your Full, Undivided Attention

It’s no secret that Ashley Graham can rock the hell out of, well . . . just about anything. Whether it’s a skintight dress, a simple pair of leggings, or a leg-baring miniskirt, she’s always down to put her curves on display, and the same holds true when she strips down in a swimsuit. The supermodel has a knack for finding the most flattering swimwear on the face of the planet, likely because many of the suits she wears are from her Swimsuits For All collection (which you should most definitely check out if you haven’t).

Ashley has a dizzying number of swimsuits in her closet, but all of her two-pieces have one major thing in common: they flaunt and accentuate her curves rather than hide them, and gosh darn, we’re so here for it! If you’re in the mood for a dose of body positivity, scope out Ashley’s hottest bikinigrams ahead and then admire her best one-piece looks right after. You may want to grab a squeegee and some Windex because these snaps are so sexy, they just might fog up your screen.

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