#BBtips with Manuele Mameli: simple tips for amazing summer lips

Rossetti matte or glosses? This is the beauty dilemma for the spring. Luckily Manuele MameliChiara Ferragni‘s makeup artist, give us the answer the latest lip trends for spring summer 2018. For our new #BBtips column, Manuele gives us some tips to have gorgeous lips for the summer!

Hello Manuele! So: matte lipsticks or glosses?

It’s been a few years that liquid matte lipsticks made a breakout. I tried many products, but I have to admit that only a few have a good performance. Many of them have the same deficiency: after a few minutes, they dry lips e the colour becomes darker. I have to say that I don’t like this effect anymore, even if they’re still very on trend, that’s why I looked for alternative ways.


Tell us everything!

To have a natural effect, I put some product on the hand with its brush and I tap it gently on the lips with the fingers. In these days, when I want to create a matte effect on the lips, I prefer to use traditional pisticks. My latest obsession? Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot lips Super Cindy: I even have the Cindy T-shirt!


So glosses win for you this season…

Yes, I really love them, especially the ones with some pigments or glitter and chromatic lip glosses. But be careful: considering that glosses are transparent, it’s necessary that lips are healthy! Better to waste 2 minutes with a gentle lip scrub to reduce all the flaws.



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