Beachwaver Is Taking Sexy Hair to the Next Level With New Styling Products

In 2010, celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa created The Beachwaver and changed how ladies got Victoria Secret-style sexy hair forever. Now, in 2018, the pink-haired expert is treating the hair-obsessed to even more exciting innovation with a new line of styling products.

The new line, which will debut in October and November, includes three products to address all of your biggest hair concerns. The Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray will shield your hair from the high temperatures associated with styling, and the Second Chance Dry Shampoo will both give your hair volume and absorb oil. The last item in the line, the Shubie Surf Beach Spray, is the perfect companion to your Beachwaver tool and can be sprayed on wet or dry hair to add texture with sugar cane resin.

One unique feature of the line is that each product has a different, memorable scent. “We wanted to create an aroma experience that transports you to a day at the beach, with fragrance moments that bring back memories,” Potempa explained to POPSUGAR. The packaging is also easy to recycle, and each product is cruelty-free.

Ahead, you’ll see the coveted products and be able to shop them as they launch.

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