Beauty: 3 scrubs to get your skin ready for the summer!

Body scrubs are a beauty essential we should never forget in our routine, especially while we’re waiting for the summer! Its exfoliating effect, in fact, is so good to prepare the skin for the sun, but also to give a longlasting touch to our tan. We should always use a body scrub not only before, but also during our holidays! Waiting for our next trips by the sea, find some space inside your suitcase for these 3 amazing body scrubs to get our skin ready for the summer!


Coffee scrub 

Let’s start from the basics: it’s very important to use a body scrub frequently, but this doesn’t mean we should be obsessed about them! It’s enough to exfoliate our skin once a week, sheding away dull skin cells and boosting circulation.

The most fashionable ingredient in a scrub? If you’re a beauty addicted, you probably already know we’re talking about… coffee! Caffein, in fact, is so good to firm and tighten skin, to reduce cellulite and to promote the growth of collagen. And what about its georgeous smell? The coffee scrub we’re placing in our suitcase is created by Palermo Body, a brand that uses only biological and sustainable ingredients. Its recipe? Coffee and raw sugar exfoliating qualities are combined to coconut oil and shea butter’s hydrating skills and to a fantastic lemon fragrance. Two words: the best!

Sea salt scrub

Do you know that natural ingredients are the best to smooth skin? Their exfoliating effect is reinforced by tightening, revitalizing and brightening qualities. For example, sea salt scrub is perfect to get skin ready for the sun and to help our tan to last as long as possible, avoiding spots. If it’s mixed with ginger, it has also a  regenerating and stimulating effect on blood circulation. After a day by the sea, there’s nithing better than a hot ginger scrub, like Rituals The Ritual of Hammam, with sea salt and fresh Eucalyptus. Apply it on your skin: you’ll immediately start feeling a warm sensation that can immediately reduce tiredness and boost your mood!

Coconut Oil scrub

Exfoliating, smoothing, polishing… and what about hydrating? When we’re doing a body scrub, we shouldn’t just “scratch” away all the dull skin cells, but also to hydrate, avoiding to irritate our skin. We don’t want this, especially if we’re dipping in the sea or sunbathing! Coconut oil scrub is the best to smooth and soften our skin. Our never without? Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish, with a delicate Moroccan Rose extract with a gorgeous scent! The secret for the best hydration ever: sit for a minute or two before rinsing off!

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