Behati Prinsloo Will Text Adam Levine This 1 Question Right Before She Hits the VS Runway

I had four rapid-fire questions planned for the Victoria’s Secret models who were about to take the runway: (1) Who was your first celebrity crush? (2) Who will be the last person you text before the show? (3) What’s your favorite thing to splurge on in life? (4) What’s your go-to method of self-care after the show? Their answers ran the gamut, but there were quite a few consistencies – aside from the fact that all the Angels were wearing the same silk robes and lingerie while they met with me. While these ladies were about to storm the runway in bras, panties, platforms, and wings at least half their size – seriously, they appear to be larger than life – at the core, they hold the same things dear: their boyfriends, their moms, chocolate, and Ryan Gosling.

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