Boohoo Gave the Disney Princesses a Sassy 2019 Makeover in This Cozy Neon Collection

While Mulan’s kick-butt attitude made her one of my personal favorite Disney princesses growing up, it looks like Minnie Mouse and a few familiar Disney royals aren’t as sweet and serene as we thought they were. In collaboration with Disney, Boohoo has released an all-new collection inspired by some of Disney’s coolest ladies – and it looks like they’ve gotten a total 2019 makeover.

A cross between cute, cozy, and totally badass (definitely not a word I thought would describe Disney), the collection ranges from snuggly pastel sleepwear with prints of Dumbo’s mom to Princess Belle meme tees and an oversize Minnie Mouse sweatshirt dress. Just to add a fun pop of color, Boohoo has also included some neon pieces that definitely stand out among the rest and add a little extra glow to any outfit.

Personally, I have my eye on that Ursula t-shirt, but shop the full collection on Boohoo and check out some of the most standout pieces ahead.

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