Cargo Pants Outfits to Try this Spring

If there’s one trend winning over fashion girls everywhere this season, it’s unquestionably the utility trend. You may have noticed that your Insta feed has been flooded with patch pockets, shades of khaki, and boilersuits, and that’s all thanks to the abundance of utilitarian pieces that were all over the spring runways of designers like Fendi and Givenchy.

If you’re eager to hop on the bandwagon, may we suggest a cool pair of cargo pants as your first foray into the world of functional fashion? They may conjure up images of ’90s girl bands, and let’s not forget the queen of combat pants—Jennifer Aniston, but in our book, they’re a welcome alternative to our tired old jeans. Plus, with so many extra pockets, we can now rock that teeny tiny mini bag we can’t fit a thing in.

So how should we be wearing combat pants in 2019? Ahead, we’re sharing the coolest ways to style them this season. See and shop our favorite cargo pants of the season below.

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