Don't Wash Your Lingerie Again – Until You Read This

Once upon a time (OK, two weeks ago), I threw my lace underwear, padded t-shirt bras, and bralettes in with the rest of my laundry. This is how I have done the wash for all of my life, or since my mother taught me “the rules” and I ran off to college. Most of the time, I only separated my wardrobe by color, eventually finding that my delicate underthings were shredding and I had to reinvest in Hanky Panky sets more often than what seemed normal. But hey, what were holiday gift cards for if not to replace bras and panties?

If only I had gotten the opportunity to chat with a DKNY lingerie spokesperson years ago . . . oh, the money I could have saved. Aside from teaching me how to care for tights and offering up a whole handbook on bras, this DKNY expert blew me away when I asked the most common mistake people make in caring for their intimates. “Not separating undergarments from other clothing in the wash. Intimates should be placed in a mesh bag when with other laundry,” she said as if it were obvious. Oh. So preventing tears and pulls is really that easy.

Sure enough, I bought myself a mesh bag right away, and after three to four washes of the same undergarments, the quality of my fabrics didn’t change. Since zippering away your panties is pretty easy, we suggest picking up one of the picks below immediately. Refreshing your underwear drawer might not be on the top of your to-do list anymore, but let me tell you from experience, it feels good to preserve your panties for as long as possible.

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