Emma Roberts Keeps Wearing This Heel Trend

An observation about Emma Roberts: You can tell that’s she’s aware that her off-duty style is closely followed and documented, and she dresses accordingly. It’s rare that she looks like she just threw something on and went, but at the same time, her outfits look like something she could’ve spontaneously chosen herself (whether or not she actually did). And we think this is one of the major reasons why we think people care so much about what she wears.

In particular, Roberts has a particularly strong shoe collection, much of which is accessible both in price and practicality. She isn’t one to shy away from trends, but over the years, she seems to have grown quite fond of loafers. And recently, we pointed out that she’d gotten a pair of high-heel loafers, the “ugly” shoe trend that’s quickly emerging. And she just keeps on wearing them (we’ve been taking notes).

Below, see Emma Roberts’ most recent heeled-loafer look and shop her new favorite shoe trend for yourself. 


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