Fashion Victim: The Things That Always Make Me Feel Silly

One person’s faux pas is another’s fashion glory, so where the archetypal fashion victims (Edina and Patsy) may have supposedly embarrassed themselves in front of their peers throughout season upon hilarious season of Absolutely Fabulous, there’s no denying these two had a hoot while doing it. They both established their respective style DNAs (no matter how random the formulas may be), and if you look closely enough, you’ll see some uncanny correlations between their ensembles then and what’s of-the-moment now.

But I’ve taken a detour (because I recently fell into an archival Ab Fab hole) from telling you what is it that makes me feel like a fashion victim. Well, all of the below points are included on my personal shame list, yet all of them seem to be no match for celebrities. These famous ladies can wear sunglasses at night and not be laughed at or fall over a bollard. They can choose to wear the highest of heels because either their magical feet can carry them with ease, or their bodyguards can. Keep reading to see the fashion things that never fail to make me wish the ground would swallow me up.

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