Flamin' Hot Doritos Just Launched, and We Can Already Taste the Spicy, Cheesy Goodness

You might want to grab a fire extinguisher, because your taste buds are about to be set ablaze. OK, that’s a little dramatic, but there is a reason to get excited: Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos were just released, and they’re the spicy-cheesy flavor combination you’ve been craving. Just like other flamin’ hot snacks on the market, these crunchy chips are perfectly coated in a red dusting of spices that leaves you wanting to lick your fingers. If you’re a spice wimp like me, you might only be able to handle a few, but if you can take the heat, get ready to devour half the bag. Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos are on store shelves nationwide beginning the week of Jan. 10, and they’re available in 9.75-ounce bags ($4) and 3-ounce bags ($2).

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