Funny Halloween Costumes for the Pun Lover

Though it’s hard to believe—summer really flew by, as it does every year—autumn is upon us. In addition to perfecting your fall wardrobe, now is the perfect time to plan your Halloween costume (yes, we went there) so that come October 31, you’re ready to win all your friends over with your killer (pun intended) costume. Speaking of puns, are you that person—you know, someone who finds themselves consistently saying “pun intended” after successfully dishing out a double entendre. If so, why not use those skills in crafting a funny (or, ahem, punny) costume with which to make your friends laugh out loud?

If you need some ideas to get your pun-inspired Halloween costume wheels turning, allow us to help. There really are so many fun ideas out there, but we thought we’d narrow it down to a select few that we think can be as fashion-forward as they are hilarious. Below, see the funny pun-inspired costumes that are oh so clever and—as a bonus—quite simple to piece together. Ready? Set. Go! Have pun!

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