Here’s My Secret Source for Affordable Designer Shoes

Adding a pair of designer shoes to your closet is always a noteworthy moment for any fashion girl. While I have bought a number of designer shoes at full price—like black leather Gucci loafers and two-tone Chanel slingbacks that I didn’t want to pass up when I spotted them in the stores—I have also figured out a way to buy them for an affordable price point. My secret? I find lightly used shoes on luxury consignment sites like The Real Real.

I used to spend hours visiting local second-hand stores to unearth hidden fashion gems, but the great thing about websites like these is that you can look for everything in one place—and the prices are pretty incredible. While the cost for shoes on The Real Real ranges based on the quality and style, I regularly find incredible pieces marked under $250.

Ahead, I’m breaking down current affordable designer shoes buys from Chanel, Manolo Blahnik, Gucci, and Prada that are all under $250.

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