Hold Up: Cardi B Spends $1,300 (!) on Her Hair and Nails

Cardi B, the empress of multicolored hair, has been serving the most eye-catching beauty looks this entire year, but getting glammed up isn’t always easy – or cheap. The rapper posted her views of her beauty routine on Instagram, which she teases with her caption, “We getting more expensive boo boo.” In the video, she shared how much she spends on her hair and nails, and the dollar amount is in the thousands.

Of course, not everything in Cardi B’s routine is expensive. Her makeup artist, Erika La Pearl, has told POPSUGAR that Cardi often wears the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights ($18), and one of her favorite highlighters doesn’t cost much more. Ahead is the breakdown of her beauty splurges.

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