I Decorated a 760 Square-Foot Apartment – Here's What Was Worth Buying

When I signed the lease for my first apartment, I immediately dreaded finding furniture small enough to fit inside. At just 760 square feet, this little one-bedroom box did not have “so much room for activities.” No, when my boyfriend and I took measurements of the space, we were not feeling like Brennan and Dale in Step Brothers, that’s for sure. I actually felt myself gulp when I looked at my closet.

Even still, we loved the sleek, modern appliances and the marble counter top. We were beyond stoked to choose our bedding, the curtains – the things we’d have to have! We went on a hunt to find some really gorgeous pieces that came at the right size, and especially, price. (Though I will say, I do think it’s OK to splurge on at least one or two items you really love.)

Decor is also super important to me, and I believe that a home should reflect personality, so I kept our quirks and our hobbies in mind while shopping. I even discovered a handful of fashion brands with home lines that I never knew about. Read on to see what was worth buying, and how we organized and displayed everything once we were settled. Keep that credit card handy, too, because I’m about to show you some really cute stuff.

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