I Tested 4 Primers During the Hottest Weekend of My Life – Here's Which 1 Held Up

A few days before I was set to spend a long weekend in Chicago, I opened up the weather app on my phone and made a devastating discovery: it wasn’t going to be cooler than 88 degrees the entire time I was there. (That was the low; the high was a whopping 96 degrees.) Suffice to say, I immediately started panicking.

Do I love hot weather in theory? Sure – it means picnics in the park, beach trips, and sipping rosé at some overpriced sidewalk café. But in reality, “hot” in my home of New York City usually means soul-crushing humidity with temperatures so high your makeup melts off your face and onto the subway tracks. I worried that Chicago – where I’d be attending Lollapalooza and sitting in the hot sun on a speedboat, among other things – would be similar torture.

So I made sure to pack a few secret weapons in my makeup bag. Four secret weapons, to be specific: a variety of makeup primers each less than $15 that claim to make your foundation stay in place from sunup to sundown. With thermometers skyrocketing in the city over the weekend, I put them all to the test to see which could outwit, outlast, and outplay the other.

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