It May Be Cold Outside, but These Brazilian Beauty Secrets Are Hot, Hot, Hot

Step foot anywhere on Brazil’s 4,650 miles-long coastline and you’ll be hit with white-sand beaches, bikinis riding up women’s you-know-what, and yes, a lot of ridiculously good-looking people. But it’s not just the Camila Coelho’s and 98.9 percent of Victoria’s Secret’s model roster that make up for all the beauty in this country – it’s also the long-standing skin care rituals, hair trends, and indigenous ingredients.

“Brazilian women like to feel beautiful,” explained João Bosco, a Rio-based celebrity hairstylist and Pantene brand ambassador. “There are rich traditions of using natural treatments at home with plants or fruits native to here, like coconut and avocado. People want to look natural, but they also want to have ‘power hair.'”

In the quest to balance the old-school beauty secrets with new social and political movements taking Brazil by storm, four Brazilian women share, in their own words, how they practice self-care. (We promise, they don’t mention the new president once.)

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