Move Over, Maui! Why You Should Visit This Hawaiian Island Instead

If you’re seeking to indulge your spirit of adventure, look no further than Hawaii’s Big Island. With active volcanoes, pristine beaches, tropical rainforests, and rich Hawaiian culture, this pocket of paradise is one of the most breathtaking, diverse places on earth. And the best part? (Yes, it gets even better!) The Big Island is still considered to be somewhat of a hidden gem. While vacationers are quick to flock to the ever-popular islands of Maui, Oahu, and Kauai, what many don’t realize is that Hawaii’s largest island has it all and then some.

Home to countless unexpected, majestic wonders, the Big Island – also known as the Island of Hawaii – will provide you with more than a needed getaway. It will awaken your mind, stimulate your senses, ignite new curiosities . . . all while stuffing you full of inspiration. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

So go ahead and book your flight before others catch wind of this magical destination. And while you wait for Google to track the cheapest routes, here’s some Hawaiian eye candy to get you even more pumped for the adventure ahead!

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