My Skin Is Dry From Head to Toe, So This Is What I'm Shopping on Amazon to Help

As a beauty editor, it’s my job to test out each product that comes on the market, and throughout the years I’ve come to know which items really work. Any beauty problem my friends or family might have, they turn to me for the answer. Occasionally I have to remind them I’m not a dermatologist, but overall, I’m usually able to help them.

This month in particular, I’ve been suffering from my own complexion issues. The cold Winter air and dry heating I experience both at work and at home has been destroying my skin and has caused my normally oily skin to become incredibly dry all over. Luckily, anytime I found a problem, I knew exactly what product would alleviate my discomfort and quickly added it to my Amazon cart on my phone. Ahead, you’ll see what I’ve been shopping this month to solve my dry skin problems, from head to toe.

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