Nails: 3 dos and don’ts for a perfect summer manicure

Spring is makeover time, also for our nails! Dressed up with our amazing easy-breezy dresses, we need to have matchy-matchy nails, in brightful nail polishe shades or decorated by super cool nail arts. But hey: manicure trends for spring summer 2018 are very very strictful! If you don’t want boring nails for the summer, listen to our 3 dos and don’t for the best summer manicure!


No to tacky nail arts!

We’ve seen so many nail arts in these years…but it seems there’s no limit to the nail experts’ creativity! A nail art that recently broke the internet is the one created by nail artist Tom Bachik for Jennifer Lopez‘s Dinero music video: he decorated her nails with featured cutouts from actual $100 bills! The idea is wow, but maybe Instagram people were right saying it was a bit tacky (actually they say worst!) We do love J.Lo from the bottom of our hearts, but this time it’s a big no! And we say no also to the most daring nail arts: sorry not sorry, summer 2018 is not your season!



No to extremely long nails!

Halloween is far away, so you don’t need to show your best witch claws! We say a big no a to extremely long nails! We’ve enough to see on Instagram, even in million-followers accounts, the longest nails ever. We’re not against gel nails, that actually are so cool for all the people who has the terrible habit to bite them, but we’re against any obsessions!

No the old french manicure!

Any given summer, french manicure seems to be ready to disappear, but there’s always someone who puts it again under the spotlight, sharing a picture on Instagram or Facebook. To us, traditional french manicure is out! There are so many beautiful nail trends this summer that, frankly, we’re tired to repeat the same style!

Yes to shorts nails and nude polish!

Meghan Markle brought back nude polish in trend: if you remember, she showed her amazing engagement ring for the first time matched with short nails and a nude manicure. She even repeated the same mani for the wedding day! Beige polish was everywhere during the latest fashion shows, confirming how our hands, in 2018, need a natural look. If you want to bend the rule, we allow you to be creative, but only with little color accents or a minimal drawing. We’re sure it will be the most liked #manicureoftheday on Instagram ever!

Yes to shimmering and metal effects!

We already told you that this is the perfect season to shine! And our nails, of course, need to follow this trend at their best! If sequins and crystals are the sparkling details of our outfits, for our mani we need some metallic nail polish! Choose the most precious metals shades, like gold, chrome, silver and copper, better if they have a matte finish. Your make up purse will need also some shimmer polishes…but remember to use them little by little (it’s so hard to remove them!): apply them as the cool decoration of a nude manicure!

Yes to red nail polish!

Would you dare to say that red nail polish is not in fashion anymore? We’re talking about “the” nail polish, that brights up our nails since decades, especially in summer! That’s true, we’re always for the newest trends, but how could we say no to the fantastic red shades we’re seeing in the 2018 beauty collections? Fire red, cherry red, orange red… a true rainbow, of reds of course! To be cool, we need a red summer!


Want to discover all the manicure trends for summer 2018? Don’t miss our gallery then, with all the best backstage pictures from the runway shows!


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