Oh? This Restaurant Replaces the Bread on Its Sandwiches With Pickles

Pickle stans, have you heard? There’s a restaurant in New Jersey that replaces the bread on its sandwiches with giant pickles – because clearly a simple pickle slice as a garnish isn’t enough to satisfy your pickle-loving appetite. The restaurant in question, Elsie’s, has gone viral in the last week after a video surfaced of the eatery building out its signature pickle sandwich, The Real Dill. It’s basically just a bunch of assorted deli meats, cheese, and toppings piled in between two very large pickle slices, which sounds like a pretty ideal solution for when you’re in the mood to enjoy a sandwich without the added carbs.

FYI, in case a pickle sandwich sounds like a bit much for you, Elsie’s also serves pickle and cucumber roll-ups that are served like sushi and filled with meats and toppings like falafel, roast beef, roasted turkey, and ham. Read ahead to take a look at both dishes in all of their sour, crunchy goodness.

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