Oreo Just Released a Mini Record Player That Plays ACTUAL Music From Your Cookie

What’s that? Oh, it’s just the sound of your Oreo playing music as it sits on a turntable like a record. If that sounds very confusing, just bear with me – Oreo released an actual “cookie record player” that functions and plays audio when you place your Oreo on the mini turntable. The Oreo Music Box ($20) is available on Amazon as of Nov. 20, and the set includes a collectible gift tin filled with White Fudge Oreos, regular Oreos, Oreo Thins, and of course, that little record player.

Once you place your Oreo on the table, it plays fun, prerecorded tunes, and every time you take a bite of the cookie and set it down again, the song changes. According to the product description, you can also record your own message or song. Obviously your own holiday playlist from a real speaker will have better sound quality than a system made for a sandwich cookie, but this is a fun, lighthearted gift for any Oreo-obsessed person in your life. Shop the Oreo Music Box ahead, and see how it actually works in the video demonstration on Amazon.

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