Please Stop Whatever You're Doing and Peep These Photos of a Cat Wearing a Jean Jacket

Alysse Mazakian, a college student at the University of Texas Film & Advertising, knows that her tabby cat Oliver has the potential to be a fashion icon. In a now-viral tweet, the proud cat mama shared how she put a shopping spree to good use by finding a tiny denim jean jacket in Oliver’s size for $1 – and thankfully, she included some photos of him showing it off.

This future “momager” captioned the pictures: “I found a tiny denim jacket at goodwill,” and naturally, her tweet instantly went viral. So far, the photos of her kitty have racked up 307,000 favorites and more than 86,000 retweets. At the end of the day, Oliver can wear a jean jacket better than anyone who ever even existed in the ’80s. Sorry, not sorry!

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