Regina George Would Think Kylie Jenner's Fashion Nova Sweater Is Like, Really Pretty

Kylie Jenner has made it clear many times over that she’s a big fan of Fashion Nova. But on Wednesday, Jan. 9, Kylie paired two separates from the brand, altogether ringing in at just $65. Of course, that’s not counting the furry Fendi bag, which costs over $1,000. Nevertheless, we do appreciate the fact that Kylie shows her fans how she mixes high and low fashion on the regular, and we appreciate her Mean Girls reference even more. “On Wednesdays” Kylie captioned her photo, causing us to immediately finish the phrase with “we wear pink.” In fact, we can actually see Gretchen Wieners or Regina George styling Kylie’s cropped, furry sweater with a miniskirt, and you know what that means – get in loser, we’re going shopping.

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