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Curious to learn more about this magic layer of clothing? So was I. According to the brand’s site, Heattech is the first layer of clothing you put on your body to protect you from freezing temperatures. It keeps you warm by “converting moisture into warmth when you need it most.” Let’s expand on that. Uniqlo tells us that there are three main ways in which Heattech functions:

Heat Absorption: Thin yet warm—rayon material used in the fabric efficiently absorbs water vapor from the body. The fabric then converts this moisture into heat energy to generate warmth.

Heat Retention: Ultra-fine microfibers—ten times finer than human hair—trap heat inside its fibers and keep the warm air in, providing an insulating effect.

Moisture Wicking: Breathable fibers have the ability to capture and release moisture, letting go of excessive heat and humidity to prevent stuffiness.”

Although I have only survived one New York winter now, I can honestly say that without Uniqlo’s Heattech products, I wouldn’t be here today (okay, I would, but I would have had a miserable Christmas). To quickly clarify, this is not a paid post, Uniqlo does not sponsor me, and it doesn’t even know I am writing this story. I am just here to let you know how a lowly Californian like myself made it through her first NY winter.

Ahead, shop the wide variety of Uniqlo Heattech products, including shirts, leggings, tights, hats, and more. I promise you that this is a winter purchase you won’t regret.

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