Someone Call the Dang Yankees, 'Cuz Jennifer Lopez Just Wore a Pinstripe Bra on Date Night

If Alex Rodriguez wasn’t reminded of his old Yankees uniform the entire time he sat at dinner with JLo, we honestly might question his dedication to the team. Jennifer’s sexy striped coordinates – high-waisted trousers with a tightfitting bralette – came in pinstripe, elongating her legs and highlighting her Chanel tote, which featured the same pattern running perpendicular.

Jlo’s signature jewelry like gold, oversize hoops, and chunky diamonds were the final touch. She opted for neutral-tone sandals, presumably to keep the focus on her set. It’s pretty safe to say A-Rod was psyched by Jennifer’s entire outfit for date night in LA, and why shouldn’t he be? Ahead, read on to scope out the duo that’s so fabulously in-sync, then shop similar looks for your own closet.

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