Sorry, New York—This City's Winning the Athleisure Game

Chalk it up to the “chill” lifestyle or the creatives flocking out West, but Los Angeles is in the middle of an athleisure renaissance. The city is chock-full of indie brands who are putting their own twists on the casual classics already spilling out of your dresser drawers. While sweatshirts, leggings, and sports bras were once merely pieces you threw on when you didn’t care what you were wearing, L.A.’s burgeoning population of cool athleisure lines is changing all of that.

While the same “hypebeast” fervor is still in its infancy in the women’s space, the brands below are poised to prove that the obsession with athleisure is long from over, and there’s no city that’s capturing the essence of the style better than Los Angeles (sorry, New York). And while some brands are focusing separately on “menswear” and “womenswear,” others are championing styles that work universally. So, if you’re ready to read about the brands to have on your radar, check them out (and shop them too), below.

Earlier this year we covered streetwear line Cherry, which launched at the end of 2017, but has already amassed an It-girl following. The brand’s tees, sweatshirts, and yes – even Dickies, sport the brand’s logo. 
Available in sizes O/S.
Lawyer-turned-designer Melody Ehsani has created her own line of pieces (from full on streetwear to jewelry) that are meant to inspire and empower women through what they wear. 
Nothing quite touches on the new age energy of L.A. quite like Abc., a line inspired by the energy and colors of – you guessed it – crystals. Quietly the brand has amassed a sort of cult following, so keep an eye out for it’s signature tie-dye pieces on the sunny streets. 
Available in sizes XS. 
Take a stroll down Fairfax and you’ll come upon FourTwoFour, a boutique that wants to redefine streetwear by melding fashion with art and lifestyle and bring it all together, bringing turn-of-the-century aesthetic into the modern moment. While it carries other heavy-hitting brands, it has it’s own range of products too. 
Available in sizes XS to XL. 
BornxRaised traces it’s roots back to the old days of L.A. and focuses on the cities history and has tapped cool models and insiders including Paloma Elsesser to pose for the brand. 
Available in sized S to XXXL.
With a name like Madhappy, you can assume that this California label is all about making wearers feels good, and you’d be right. A mix of cozy-casual pieces, the brand is slowly but surely building up a following.
Available in sizes S to XXL.
Pleaures looks to ’90s grunge and punk culture as a jumping-off place for statement tees, hats, and other athleisure pieces that have earned a cult following across the country.
While Ripndip’s roots trace back to 2009 (and Orlando, Florida) the brand is now LA-based and offering a cheeky (and cat-filled) collection of sportswear and shoes. 
Now it’s up to you to choose which brand is your favorite.

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