Subway Just Released Cheesy Garlic Bread That You Can Use For ANY Sandwich

Picking your bread at Subway is key to forming the best sandwich, and there’s a new option that’s going to make decisions very easy from now on: cheesy garlic bread. Subway just announced the exciting launch of its Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread, and we can already smell the garlicky goodness through the screen. The bread, available until Feb. 27, is made with a spread of butter and roasted garlic, and a combination of parmesan cheese and mozzarella for an ooey-gooey finish. Yum!

The most exciting thing is you can use this bread for the sandwich of your choice, but Subway also introduced two new, limited-edition sandwiches that go great with garlic bread: the Ultimate Meatball Marinara Sandwich, which is drenched in marinara sauce, and the Ultimate Spicy Italian, which has pepperoni and salami. We’d also be OK with ordering the garlic bread totally by itself, to be honest. See photos of the mouthwatering new menu items, and prepare to drool. Let’s get this bread.

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