The Best Lady Gaga Outfits From A Star Is Born

Let me preface this story by saying this: If you haven’t seen A Star Is Born yet, get yourself to a theater this weekend and (spoiler alert!) bring tissues. If you have already seen it and are still listening to the soundtrack on repeat (just me?), let’s take a minute to talk about the outfits. Now, this film is in no way a fashion movie—the opening storyline actually explicitly requires it not to be.

Not to spoil anything for you, but her outfits aren’t anything sensational—and that’s precisely the point. The plotline asks you to take Ally at face value and recognize her for her talent instead of her external looks. However, she does have a few outfits that are completely worth noting—with flashes of rock ‘n’ roll chain belts on her Miaou pants (a fashion girl–favorite brand, may I point out) in one scene and fall 2018’s favorite leopard trend popping up in another. So, if you, like me, can’t stop thinking about (and listening to) A Star Is Born, let’s take another look at the four outfits worth replicating.

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