The Genius Way to Unshrink Your Clothes

We’ve all been there: You take out a load of freshly dried laundry and your heart sinks as you realize your favorite item of the lot is now half its original size. Normally Goodwill would be getting a new donation just about now, but we’re now armed with an easy hack to unshrink the piece within minutes. Simply soak the item in a mixture of water and three tablespoons of hair conditioner for five minutes. Then lay the piece out on a towel and carefully stretch it back to its original proportions. Voilà! Your shirt is good as new, and the dryer has claimed one less victim. PS: This technique works best on cotton or knit garments. Make sure to test a small patch with the solution before soaking to make sure your garment is compatible.

Pin the image below so you’ll always have our hack for how to unshrink clothes handy; then continue to shop some of our favorite knit and cotton pieces.

We’d love to wear this exact combo every day.
Perfectly loose and structured at the same time.
Call us biased, but we think this sweater is perfect for colder nights out.
Who doesn’t love a statement dress?
Style this with literally any pair of pants in your closet.
Fall’s hero layering piece.
No one makes a crop top like Reformation.
Retro vibes done right.
Who doesn’t love a statement sweater?
This looks perfectly worn in.
Pair these with heels and no one will know they’re sweat pants.
You can never have enough cozy coats.
We’re obsessed!
Simple yet statement-making.
Another perfect pair of jeans.
Sweater jumpsuit? Say no more. Up next? The six bra styles every woman should know. 

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