The Most Classic Way to Tie a Silk Scarf

There are myriad ways to tie a silk scarf, which is one of the many reasons it’s considered such a timeless accessory. Some techniques are more advanced than others, but if you’re generally confused about how to wear a scarf, we’re here to make it super simple for you.

The most classic (and easiest) way to tie a square silk scarf is as follows:

1. Lay the scarf flat, fashioned in a diamond shape so there’s a point at the top. Make sure the printed side (or the side you want visible in the finished product) is facing down.

2. Bring the bottom point of the diamond up to meet the top point so the scarf creates a triangle.

3. From the bottom of the triangle, fold the scarf onto itself all the way to the top point. The fabric should now be in a long, skinny shape.

4. Take the two ends and wrap the scarf around your neck. Tie the ends in a knot and fashion it however you’d like (e.g. keep the knot directly in front, position it to the side, etc.).

5. Voilà! You have a classic scarf look that instantly adds polish to any outfit.

See a few examples of scarves in action below, and shop our current fave styles. 

A silk neckerchief goes great with a polished blazer.
Not big on jewelry? A scarf adds that requisite dose of pizzazz for the metal-averse.
The shape looks great with both small and large silk scarves.
A botanical print is classic.
Paisley is always a good idea.
A little two-tone action adds interest to a timeless floral piece.
Polka dots are on trend.
This artful print is a statement piece.
Gucci’s cheeky prints feel very of-the-moment.
We love this Hawaiin-inspired pattern.

Read on for even more chic ways to tie a scarf.

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