The perfect suitcase for a city break…in TBS style!

Ready for the weekend? Your city break is just around the corner and you still haven’t packed your suitcase. Don’t panic: getting your luggage ready has never been so easy, thanks to The Blonde Salad. Why? Because we have the best suitcase and the coolest looks ever! Great for a museum visit, but also for a walk in the city centre. Stay tuned to discover all the dopest TBS tips for a city break!


The perfect suitcase is… the unicorn trolley!

Let’s start from the basics: for a cool trip, it’s important to choose the best looks, but also the best suitcase! For your next weekend getaways, there’s only one luggage that can be practical and hype at the same time: the Mandarina Duck X The Blonde Salad unicorn trolley! With its see-through shell, you can give a sneak peek of your vacation outfits… but you can also hide them inside the TBS logo linen!

A super funny T-shirt 

For a city break, there’s only one style diktat: be casual! The easiest style, anyway, can be very tricky, because we never want to look too boring. How to spice up your outfits? With a T-shirt that is as funny as cool! Our e-shop is bringing it to you: our fantastic Keur Paris X The Blonde Salad tee! Are you more into fries or noodles? You’re so lucky, because we have the right T-shirt for you always!

An embroidered jeans

The city break uniform is…a T-shirt and the dopest jeans! If you’re tired to wear the same boring denim, no worries: we have the denim pants that will make your weekend getaway outfits memorable! For you, Salt & Pepper X The Blonde Salad jeans, with a rad detail that is worthy an Instagram post: “Love me tender” embroidered on the back pocket!

The coolest sunnies of the season

Matrix style skinny sunglasses are so fashionable lately. You must have noticed, on socials, that every celebrities and every of our fashion icons are wearing them. If you don’t want to feel out, follow our tip: wear our amazing Kyme X The Blonde Salad sunnies, the sickest capsule collection of the season!

 Wear a sweater as a mini dress

In these sunny days, it’s finally leggy time! If you’re going to stroll all day with your BAE or your BFFs, you have to choose an outfit as cool as comfortable. Haven’t you enough space in your suitcase? You just need one item to be in perfect TBS style: Vicolo X The Blonde Salad sweater dress, the best Americana look for the summer!

 A pair of comfy sneakers

We don’t have many shoe options for a city break: we need to find the most comfortable shoes ever! Nobody wants pain at our feet, as well as we can’t give up on our best babe style. In a word: Sneakers! Put in your suitcase the dopest ones, like Stau X The Blonde Salad trainers: we bet they will always be perfect, both with jeans and mini dresses!

  A bag that turns into a backpack

Walk, walk, walk: for many, a weekend getaway means to stroll everywhere. That is: dressing up casual and avoiding too much weight in our bag. What? Do you still want to carry everything with you? We have the solution, better: the bag! Look at our Escudama X The Blonde Salad basket bag, it easily turns into a backpack!

 A gold touch

Our way of life? Shine on! Always and everywhere, even during our city break. The dopest jewellery trend see golden hoops come back, straight from our beloved Nineties! Wear them always, day and night… but they must be our Femarjo X The Blonde Salad golden hoops!

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