This $11 Sticky Bra From Amazon Gave Me Cleavage Like WHOA – You Need it, Trust Me

Image Source: Popsugar Photography / Sarah Siegel
For my 25th birthday, I encountered a problem I’ve had many times since puberty: the special outfit I wanted to wear was nearly impossible to do so without a bra showing, but my large chest prevented me from going braless.

Many friends I went to college with frequently wore sticky bras, backless items that contain adhesive to stick to your breasts. I didn’t think very highly of these glue-covered bras (I have memories of my friends panicking when humidity made them fall off) and thought there was no way they would stay on my double Ds.

When I finally decided on my perfect birthday outfit this year – a black velvet bustier bodysuit with gray track pants all from Bershka – I was desperate for a way to wear the bodysuit without the straps, sides, and back of my bra showing. I headed to Amazon to try to find a cheap solution to the problem and looked through some options.

I found a pull-string sticky bra that promised to create cleavage while holding up my breasts and decided to give it a go. The Suroomy Silicone Invisible Bra Self Adhesive Strapless Reusable Push-Up Bra ($11) cost me less than $15 and was available in a D-cup, so worst-case scenario, I wouldn’t have wasted much money.

Image Source: Popsugar Photography / Sarah Siegel

Before my guests arrived for my party, I opened the packaging of the bra and peeled off the paper from the sticky side. I held up each breast one at a time with my hand, pressed down each cup, and then pulled the tie in the middle. Although the cups didn’t really cover my entire breast, I was thrilled with the results. The adhesive stayed on throughout a night of dancing and celebrating, and my well-documented outfit looked perfect for Instagram.

I’m completely shocked that the product worked – and I’m never going back. Thanks to this bra, I never have to have the classic big-breast worry of “but I won’t be able to wear a bra with that!” again.

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