This SNL Skit Came For My Whole Closet When It Called Out "Fashion Cowards"

If you count yourself among the fearless minds in fashion, then putting together an eye-catching outfit is easy-peasy. Mixing patterns? No problem. Electrifying colors? Bring it on. Yet, many shoppers don’t fall into this bold and breezy approach to dressing. Instead, they belong to a stylishly shy caliber. Emma Stone helped bring these “fashion cowards” to life during her Saturday Night Live hosting gig on April 13.

This all-too-relatable sketch will resonate with anyone who has a brown cardigan or navy t-shirt hanging up in the closet – yep, you know the ones. In SNL‘s fictional store, you can find shirts only halfway covered in buttons, “pants for legs,” and big gray zip-up sweatshirts that double as invisibility cloaks. Uh, is it bad if I want one for myself?

The store may be fake, but the laughs are real. Watch the full skit above to get a glimpse into what a Fashion Cowards location would be like – fitting rooms and all.

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