This Texas Theater Lets You Catch a Movie With Your Dog, and Welp, Guess I'm Booking a Flight

On Dec. 7, 2018, the world as we know it changed forever with the opening of K9 Cinemas, a movie theater in Plano, TX, that lets you bring your dog and provides you with unlimited. free. wine.

Yes, you read that 100 percent correctly. And yes, I’ve already booked a one-way ticket to Texas, so I guess I live there now.

K9C’s cofounders, Eric Lankford and his dog, Bear, know that nights out are exponentially more fun when your four-legged fur baby is with you, which led to the creation of this glorious theater. Tickets for adults – who can indulge in bottomless wine nights – are $15 (a steal, if you ask me), guests under 21 can get a ticket for $9, and it’s only $5 to bring your pup to the show. For $2 each (another steal . . . Texas, man), you can grab yourself a popcorn, box of candy, or soda and treats for your doggo at the concession stand.

K9C sounds like a damn dream, no?

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