Tommy Hilfiger Designed His Daughter a Wedding Dress – but Wait Until You See Her Bridal Cape

Tommy Hilfiger is a big-time designer, so you might expect his daughter’s wedding to be an elaborate affair. (Maybe even take over social media.) But that wasn’t the case for Ally Hilfiger, who married her longtime partner, Steve Hash, during an intimate ceremony. The wedding took place on a beach in Mustique, and for her big day, Ally wore a custom gown designed by her father. The silky v-neck slip dress clung to her figure and suited the casual beach environment.

The most eye-catching piece, however, had to be Ally’s hooded cape. The lace cover-up featured blue embroidered details on the hem and blew in the wind as she walked across the sand. (She isn’t the first bride to choose a cape in lieu of a veil – model Hanne Gaby Odiele did too.) Ally’s ensemble felt even more complete when she stood by her husband in an all-white suit and her daughter Harley in a little white dress. The beachfront reception, simply put, was stunning.

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