Tyra Banks's Best Life-Size Outfits That Shine Bright, Shine Far

Have you heard the good news? Disney’s Life-Size from 2000 is finally getting a sequel 18 years later. Thankfully, Tyra Banks is on board to reprise her role as the doll-turned-human Eve, who was brimming with third-person quotables like, “Eve never says no to learning!” as well as catchy tunes like “Be a Star.”

Sadly, however, co-star Lindsay Lohan, who was only 14 when the first film came out, will not be coming back in the sequel—cue the tears. Banks announced on Instagram that Francia Raisa will be sharing the screen for the reboot, which will air on Freeform this holiday season. (You may know Raisa as Selena Gomez’s BFF and kidney donor.)

In honor of the news, we rounded up Eve’s best outfits from the movie, which include the Chanel-inspired tweed suit she wore to pretend to type at the computer and a very chic crop-top-and-pencil-skirt combo. Scroll down to revisit her best outfits.

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