Um, the Oscars Gift Bag Is Worth $70K This Year – and the Beauty Loot Will Blow Your Mind

Wanna know the one thing more extravagant than the 2019 Grammys swag bag? (Besides Stormi Webster holding a mini Louis Vuitton bag while perched atop a $25K chair, because hi.) The onslaught of luxurious goodies every Oscars nominee will be going home with on Sunday.

Where the former was valued at a cool $30K, the beauty loot stuffed inside this particular show’s gift bag is more than double that price – because there’s no time like the Academy Awards to one-up the competition, are we right? With cannabis-spiked skin care, a voucher for thousands of dollars’ worth of Botox, and a bath tool that looks like . . . well, another kind of tool, everyone’s a winner with the Oscars swag bag. We can only imagine it feels a little like walking around a new city with a bunch of $20 bills, only times a gazillion.

Check out the products that will end up in the hands of Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, and more ahead, and remember: the holidays may come and go, but it’s never too late to give a fancy gift to someone with a lot of money.

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